On: "Mitt the Moderate Reemerges—Too Little, Too Late?"

The article linked to below will tell you more about what Romney is really like. Let me add that he really is more moderate-liberal than the article suggests. His moves haven't all been simply calculating.

On: "Mitt the Moderate Reemerges—Too Little, Too Late?"He would not have been a Utah conservative if there hadn't been a Massachusetts-like option.

Also, as much as I like Bruce Bartlett's analytical abilities on many occasions, he's wrong if he meant that Romney will simply get slugged without an answer when Obama attempts to clarify the numbers-gap on the tax-cut/loopholes issue. Romney very cleverly did not pin himself down but made very clear that he has left himself room to change and tweak. He is now running on an approach/philosophy of getting into office and then working out the details starting with a broad consensus, and that approach has won before. In fact, Obama claimed it in his first run.

Look, Romney is the smartest Republican Presidential nominee in my lifetime. It's pretty obvious to me.

Mitt the Moderate Reemerges—Too Little, Too Late?.

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