Zionism, Homosex, & "Mysterious" Facebook-Timeline Changes

So, last month on Facebook, I spent some time restoring posts to my timeline that had been deleted by who knows who and concerning homosexuality and Zionism.

This month, I just spent around an hour going down through all of my posts to the beginning of September having to change many of them {concerning homosexuality and/or Zionism; what is it with so many Jews (not all) and homosex anyway?} from a custom setting allowing only one person to see the posts, which setting I had not set when posting, to the Public setting, which is my default setting, the one that should always be automatically selected unless one manually overrides it (which overriding I had not done).

Tell me it's all just a mere coincidence. Tell me it's not Homosexual-Movement supporters and Zionists within Facebook, the corporation, with secure access to my timeline and the ability to delete and/or change things (anything) that has nothing to do with having my password. They don't need my password.

When one has been through this sort of stuff as often as I have and on so many different platforms, there comes a point where the odds are beyond astronomical. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.

No, I'm not afraid or irrational. Those are two reasons they hate me.

Tom Usher

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