Sexual-Orientation Change Happens

The mainstream covers it up to dupe the vast majority of people. Change is definitely possible. It happens all the time. They only want one side of the "story" told: theirs, the homosexuals who don't want to admit they are mentally/sexually messed up.

The harm that certain homosexuals claim happened to them never came from authentic Reparative Therapy. The homosexuals who gave up treatment for whatever reason were already suffering depression or whatever. The supposed cause-and-effect they claim is false.

Many become uncomfortable dealing with childhood issues, such as distance, negligence, smothering, abandonment, and don't really work at the therapy but just quit. They often really didn't want to change. People who really want it (to change) and don't quit but learn and follow the correct advice, change.

A man's penis does not belong up another man's rectum (or a woman's). There are totally insane homosexuals who claim they may or even do belong there just because they "like" it. That's abject hedonism. Don't allow their insanity to sway you away from the obvious truth.

When I was a boy, they swore they only wanted to be tolerated and would never ask for more. They stealthily worked the school systems and in other places, such as the largest psychological and psychiatric associations, until now they have laws in place not to just tolerate them but to celebrate their sickness, their sodomy. It's called the slippery slope.

It's real. I've lived to see it.

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