Suit by California Boys to Continue Reparative Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

You can see here how the Associated Press tries to make it sound like a tiny, nothing issue by giving over so few lines to it. Compare it to the articles they've done about homosexual teens who have been allegedly or even actually bullied. In those cases, they usually write a small-book length article and name all the names on the pro-homosexuality side. This is because homosexuals have gone out of their way to target and co-opt the most important organizations (American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association) that they then manipulated falsely into saying homosex is not an error: that all other things being equal, male-on-male sodomy is as healthy as heterosex: insanity: Suit brought on behalf of California boys seeking gay therapy - San Jose Mercury News.

Note how the article says "so-called 'reparative therapy'" rather than Reparative Therapy. That's a psychological ploy right there to prejudice the reader into assuming negative thoughts before even knowing what Reparative Therapy actually entails.

Do you think the article/story was assigned to a homosexual or pro-homosexual on purpose? Even those against homosex at the AP wouldn't dare research and submit an article fully covering the issue in a fair and balanced way and expect it to get through or even not to be reprimanded for trying. If a person were to keep that up, right now, he or she would lose the job.

Let's insist that that changes, shall we?

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