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My response is primarily given in the order the topics came up in the video and may require listening to the video for full context.

"...paid to say they changed"?

Besen said that the reason NARTH didn't supply enough people quickly enough was because those people don't exist; however, people were supplied whom Besen does nothing but claim are mostly paid to say they've changed. There are many people who have come forward who are not now professionally counseling others.

Regardless though, what is inherently wrong with people who have had problems themselves and who have discovered the way to overcome to then make a living helping others to do the same thing? Are we to muzzle the oxen? A worker deserves his or her wage.

People don't rush forward because of people such as Wayne Besen who tell huge lies about them and treat them as if they can't possibly exist while telling the truth about their own experiences overcoming. His manner is bullying. It is intended to intimidate and to silence the opposition not because that opposition is wrong but rather because it is right. He is persecuting those who have changed. He's doing that because he is unstable in his homosexuality and fears that the truth will be known and accepted.

Besen mentions Rekers but didn't say that the homosexual who was with Rekers said that Rekers did not have sex with him and did not request sex with him. Regardless, the fact is that sexuality is fluid. The major associations that Besen touts say that. He touts them out of one side of his mouth and then denies them out of the other.

Besen says "real credentials," as if the people at NARTH haven't been "credentialed." Besen is selective in the people he consults. He has not talked with geneticists who know that the definitive science is still out on homosex and genetics and very much so.

David Pickup very correctly stated that Wayne Besen was "cherry picking" the research. When David correctly stated that the APA (American Psychological Association) admits that it has no proof of any harm done by authentic Reparative Therapy, Besen ignores that Besen had said that there is causality and that the APA says there is harm.

The truth is that some SOCE (Sexual Orientation Change Efforts) include working on the de-feminization of some males via sports. In addition though, they use sports on the lesser- and non-effeminate as a means to promote a particular type of male bonding (non-sexual) that has been absent in so many lives. Besen is suggesting that such efforts are intended only to toughen-up. They clearly are not.

Also, when a researcher gathers data and then interprets that data, it doesn't make the data out of bounds for others to interpret differently. Besen is more than suggesting that NARTH has no right to have a different interpretation from some researcher's report on that researcher's data. Besen's view flies in the face of the whole point of peer-review.

Wayne Besen would have you falsely believe that there are no people who have changed and stayed that way, but David Pickup supplied the URL:

Besen says that "basically, anyone with a degree says that what you [David] do is harmful...." Besen said that even after David Pickup corrected him earlier about that. The APA doesn't say that. They merely speculate and some within their membership say it's risky in their opinion -- without any evidence whatsoever, only self-reporting by homosexuals who were not stable before the therapy. No cause and effect concerning harm has been established. Besen ignores that, avoids that, on purpose. They also have no proof that Reparative Therapy is ineffective. They couldn't because it is effective, per the people who have undergone it and are glad they did, as David Pickup so correctly stated. David Pickup knows them personally from his own practice. Those people are not being paid to say they've changed. Everyone of them should be offended by Wayne Besen and should stand right up publicly and denounce Wayne Besen for the false-propagandist that he so clearly is.

Besen says that "most" of the members of NARTH have "strip mall" degrees. Has he looked at NARTH's board and where they went to school? Anyway, I don't put much stock in all of that. I'm interested in the facts, and the fact is that people can and do change. There's nothing Besen can do about it, and he's losing the debate. The more people get to hear David Pickup and others like him, the better.

When David again pointed out the incorrect statement about the APA's official position, Alan then asked David what Wayne said that was incorrect. That appeared to be Alan not hearing David.

When David asked, "Are you going to let me talk," Alan didn't hear Wayne interrupting? Well, he finally couldn't help hearing it.

It is frustrating to deal with someone like Besen. Wayne Besen is intellectually dishonest. It's blatant.

David very passionately expressed the truth about homosexuals abusing boys and creating confusing unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA), which boys will be outlawed by SB 1172 from obtaining professional help in California for that unwanted SSA if that law is allowed to take effect at the end of 2012.

A confused, homosexually raped boy with resultant SSA is more than fine with Wayne Besen.

Besen is claiming David Pickup is being dishonest about David's firsthand knowledge that the abuse that David suffered caused David's own orientation confusion. How does one deal with a guy like that? Besen is lucky that David isn't litigious about it.

David is more interested in focusing upon getting the law straightened out so that wounded boys and girls who've been abused or neglected or smothered, or whatever, and are suffering unwanted same-sex attraction as a direct result of it are not blocked from the help they want and will benefit them.

VIDEO: Can Reparative Therapy "Cure" Gays? « Alan Colmes Radio Show.

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