Huffington Post censors anti-homosexuality comments just because they can

See this update, which will open in a new window. Please also then go to the top of that post and read the whole thing. Come back here and leave a comment about the Huffington Post homosexual censors.

You have to understand, folks. This is another reason why they will lose.

The more that David Pickup and others get into the mainstream ("Tom's take on: "VIDEO: Can Reparative Therapy "Cure" Gays? « Alan Colmes Radio Show"") and mix it up with them and not stoop to their level and then we are able to write about their low, blatantly dishonest, unreasonable censorship, etc., the more duped people will wake up and stop supporting those activists.

So, get out there and be censored for telling the truth that the science is not on their side, quite the contrary, and post about it. Post about each other being censored. Tell people. Otherwise, they'll never know.

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