Pro-Homosexual Professor of Psychology Admits Orientation "malleable"

There's an update at the bottom.

I just answered Charles Negy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Central Florida, in the following manner [as of the time of my posting this here, my comments were "pending approval"]:

"...not very malleable. Moreover, studies suggest that sexual orientation is determined by some combination of genetic and environmental factors and is, in all likelihood, fairly crystalized by adolescence...."

Ah, so it is malleable. You've just admitted it! That will be news to the homosexuals and pro-homosexuals who have been falsely claiming that it is not able to be changed at all, there's no diminishment, there's nothing but being stuck exactly where you are at any given point. You see, the more we discuss the actual facts about authentic Reparative Therapy and what it's based upon, the more you have to concede. That's how it's going to stay too. Your side's days of snowballing everyone are over, have been for quite a while now. That will dawn on you soon.

"studies suggest"? What is the term "suggest" there but a clear indication that you cannot say that you have any studies that are definitive. There are studies that suggest the opposite. What's more, you know that but conveniently fail to mention that in your totally one-sided, false-propaganda piece. The fact is, environmental factors play a gigantic role if genetics plays much if any at all.

[commenting break due to length limitations]
cont.: The fact is that the vast majority of neuroscientists and those who are expert in operant conditioning know full well that homosexuality is conditioned into the actual matter of the brain where dopamine acts in an addictive manner hooking primarily the hyper-sexualized male homosexuals into each sexual fix often in the form of sodomy, which is clearly symptomatic.

"crystalized"? Hardly. That will come out in the court cases too.

Speaking of the court cases and taking your attack on Christianity in particular, isn't it interesting that it is your side that is seeking desperately to deny the civil liberties of children in California (many of who have been homosexually molested and as result suffer with confusion and unwanted same-sex attraction) who want authentic Reparative Therapy to help them with their malleable (your term) sexual attraction to restore them to where they were (heterosexually oriented) before they were homosexually violated.

Give them enough rope.... Keep talking. It's great for our side, the side that gives a damn about sexually abused, even homosexually raped, children.

I can hardly wait for your reply if you've got the guts to reply yourself right here in the Huffington Post commenting section, which of course you read concerning your own posts here. Going to take a pass? Ha!

[commenting break due to length limitations]
cont.: Really, though, I would much rather you see the light and stop all of this utter nonsense of yours. Start telling the truth – the whole truth. Stop spinning, twisting, and ducking – conveniently leaving things out that you know about but don't want your lesser-educated fellow travelers to know about because the real truth would moralize them. Yes, I didn't say demoralize. Think about it.

Do you want the name of a good Reparative Therapist who can help you with your same-sex-attraction confusion? You could even do phone therapy.

Update: I just posted the following in the comment section on the Huffington Post article:

I posted 3 comments on this article. The 1st was approved. I edited it adding one apostrophe. Because of that, it went back in for moderation. Rather than accepting the additional apostrophe, the comment was disallowed.

The reasons for that, among others, is that this site, The Huffington Post, at least this homosexual section of it, is intellectually dishonest and, frankly, cowardly. It practices wholly unmerited censorship. I always allow homosexual activists to post comments on my site so long as they don't do trolling quips, they don't post canned posts without permission (especially to those concerning which they could link), they answer my questions, they don't continue practicing blatant illogic, and they don't post redundantly. If my comments violated some Huffington Post rule or rules, which one or ones?

Anyone interested in my full commentary on this article may Google "Pro-Homosexual Professor of Psychology Admits Orientation "malleable"". I would supply the URL, but I doubt it would be "approved."

I'll shortly be adding this comment to the bottom of my post.

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