Reparative Therapy is Beautiful

I sound like a disciple of B. F. Skinner, but I don't want to leave people with that impression.

To me, Reparative Therapy is beautiful because it gets the person who is receptive, to the position where the mind can leapfrog all of the animal-level conditioning. Dr. Nicolosi just touches upon it at the end of his presentations by saying that one may self-affirm via knowing and self-applying the double-loop concept.

I think he doesn't go into it because so many people don't or won't latch onto it when it's just handed to them like the key that it is.

It's actually what I did for myself and came to that conclusion based upon my reading of scripture, believe it or not. I know it sounds strange, but I actually got that out of Jesus (faith through real knowledge) before hearing Dr. Nicolosi.

When I saw the same thing (the Gospel, part of it) in RT and when I could see the homosexual activists insisting that people can't change, that did it for me. I was all the more sure that the homosexual activists must not be allowed to get away with it because RT and positive reinforcement apply to other problems as well, which Dr. Nicolosi also affirmed.

I was watching a video lecture, and at a certain point, I said to myself, that (RT) can apply to any addiction. I don't remember how many more minutes into the lecture it was, but a woman, a psychologist I assume, asked whether RP could apply to other problems. Dr. Nicolosi then said that it sure can.

Most importantly though is that if people can't change homosexual behavior when it is very unlikely to be very genetically influenced, then they can't be changed regarding a whole host of behaviors. We know they can change about those other behaviors. I believe that homosexuality is a disease state that is psychological and sociological. I believe the disease is attempting to spread hedonism that gets worse and worse sociologically and then psychologically, spiraling around and down.

Depression, pathological lying, denial, suicide, HIV and AIDS, and all the other diseases thrive in that soil and nothing good takes root.

I see them doing everything they can to rationalize what they are doing and what is happening to them. It also appears that a number of them become rather sociopathic, fascistic, and consequently dangerous.

The longer we let it go on, the worse it will get.

It's like the boiling frog that doesn't notice the water is cooking it to death.

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