On: "Homosexuality: it isn't natural | Peter Tatchell | spiked"

"We don't have free will concerning the determination of our sexual orientation. Our only free will is whether we accept or repress our true inner sexual and emotional desires" (Homosexuality: it isn't natural | Peter Tatchell | spiked). I don't believe that at all.

"...true inner sexual..."? How does he determine "true"? Heterosexual-orientation potential is really false for some people? Hogwash!

"We are entitled to dignity and respect, regardless of whether ... our homosexuality is ... freely chosen." Why? We're to be forced to respect people? I don't expect people to respect me in all things.

The gangsters in the hood used to go around putting guns in people's faces while asking "Are you dissing me?," meaning disrespecting me. You bet I disrespect thugs. I don't think the police should respect them doing that either.

So now what? Oh, you're equating homosexuality with putting guns in people's faces? No. They aren't equal, but the analogy is apt. I don't respect males doing anal intercourse on each other anymore than I respect the thugs with their chips on their shoulders looking to terrorize people into accepting their bad ways.

I think that the word "respect" needs to be clarified there. What's the scope? The same applies to "dignity."

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