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Tom Usher Oct 12, 2012

Huffington Post censors anti-homosexuality comments just because they can | »

See this update, which will open in a new window. Please also then go to the top of that post and read the whole thing. Come back here and leave a comment about the Huffington Post homosexual censors....


Steven Baudoin Oct 13, 2012

I've seen some of your comments. I suspect Huff Post found them offensive.

Tom Usher Oct 13, 2012

Your comment indicates that you didn't read my post or bother to follow the link in it.

Your comment reads like it's from someone who is part of the homosexualists' false-propaganda, truth-censoring movement.

Rather than writing about how the homosexual activists are having to back up even further, back from that there is a homosexual gene, back from that Reparative Therapy (RT) is coercive, back from that the APA said RT causes harm, and on and on, now back from falsely claiming for years that change is not possible, you decided to focus on that you "suspect" without reading my posts, that they were offended. Where are your priorities, Steve? They're misplaced.

I've read your stuff too, and it is offensive to people who have always known that homosexuality is mutable, which mutability was admitted to by pro-homosexuality activist Charles Negy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Central Florida.

Here's what I posted on their site in the comment section of their false-propaganda article and as my commentary on that article:

Pro-Homosexual Professor of Psychology Admits Orientation "malleable"

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2012 by Tom Usher

There's an update at the bottom.

I just answered Charles Negy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Central Florida, in the following manner [as of the time of my posting this here, my comments were "pending approval"]:

"...not very malleable. Moreover, studies suggest that sexual orientation is determined by some combination of genetic and environmental factors and is, in all likelihood, fairly crystalized by adolescence...."

Ah, so it is malleable. You've just admitted it! That will be news to the homosexuals and pro-homosexuals who have been falsely claiming that it is not able to be changed at all, there's no diminishment, there's nothing but being stuck exactly where you are at any given point. You see, the more we discuss the actual facts about authentic Reparative Therapy and what it's based upon, the more you have to concede. That's how it's going to stay too. Your side's days of snowballing everyone are over, have been for quite a while now. That will dawn on you soon.

"studies suggest"? What is the term "suggest" there but a clear indication that you cannot say that you have any studies that are definitive. There are studies that suggest the opposite. What's more, you know that but conveniently fail to mention that in your totally one-sided, false-propaganda piece. The fact is, environmental factors play a gigantic role if genetics plays much if any at all.

[commenting break due to length limitations]
cont.: The fact is that the vast majority of neuroscientists and those who are expert in operant conditioning know full well that homosexuality is conditioned into the actual matter of the brain where dopamine acts in an addictive manner hooking primarily the hyper-sexualized male homosexuals into each sexual fix often in the form of sodomy, which is clearly symptomatic.

"crystalized"? Hardly. That will come out in the court cases too.

Speaking of the court cases and taking your attack on Christianity in particular, isn't it interesting that it is your side that is seeking desperately to deny the civil liberties of children in California (many of who have been homosexually molested and as result suffer with confusion and unwanted same-sex attraction) who want authentic Reparative Therapy to help them with their malleable (your term) sexual attraction to restore them to where they were (heterosexually oriented) before they were homosexually violated.

Give them enough rope.... Keep talking. It's great for our side, the side that gives a damn about sexually abused, even homosexually raped, children.

I can hardly wait for your reply if you've got the guts to reply yourself right here in the Huffington Post commenting section, which of course you read concerning your own posts here. Going to take a pass? Ha!

[commenting break due to length limitations]
cont.: Really, though, I would much rather you see the light and stop all of this utter nonsense of yours. Start telling the truth – the whole truth. Stop spinning, twisting, and ducking – conveniently leaving things out that you know about but don't want your lesser-educated fellow travelers to know about because the real truth would moralize them. Yes, I didn't say demoralize. Think about it.

Do you want the name of a good Reparative Therapist who can help you with your same-sex-attraction confusion? You could even do phone therapy.

Update: I just posted the following in the comment section on the Huffington Post article:

I posted 3 comments on this article. The 1st was approved. I edited it adding one apostrophe. Because of that, it went back in for moderation. Rather than accepting the additional apostrophe, the comment was disallowed.

The reasons for that, among others, is that this site, The Huffington Post, at least this homosexual section of it, is intellectually dishonest and, frankly, cowardly. It practices wholly unmerited censorship. I always allow homosexual activists to post comments on my site so long as they don't do trolling quips, they don't post canned posts without permission (especially to those concerning which they could link), they answer my questions, they don't continue practicing blatant illogic, and they don't post redundantly. If my comments violated some Huffington Post rule or rules, which one or ones?

Anyone interested in my full commentary on this article may Google "Pro-Homosexual Professor of Psychology Admits Orientation "malleable"". I would supply the URL, but I doubt it would be "approved."

I'll shortly be adding this comment to the bottom of my post.

They are offended by the truth, Steve. Wake up. You've been duped. That's just how it is. Stop helping them to dupe the little children who will grow up ruing the day they were told in their schools by their teachers that sodomy is great and should be tried and celebrated.

And don't be stupid enough to claim that that is not what's going on in the schools because I have the documentation that it is and it is also readily available on the Internet via a simple Google search. Try it.

Stop trying to be an apologist for twisted thinking.

Steven Baudoin 10/15/2012 2:50 PM

I always enjoy your comments, Tom. I love you, not as a Christian brother, because you don't consider me a Christian, but as a fellow human. My priorities are right where they should be. I am indeed a pro-homosexuality activist, as you would say. I did not look up the huff article. I don't have that much time to devote to foolishness. I am aware of their bias, and I am aware of yours. I did read your comments, and I looked up the APA position on reparative therapy. I'm sure it is no surprise to you that I side with the APA on this. I am not sleeping, I am not stupid, and I have not been duped. If I am an apologist, it is for rationality. You should think about that, if you can.

By the way, sodomy is a normal part of many heterosexual relationships, you should try it. Schoolchildren should be taught that masturbation is great, and should be practiced responsibly to avoid getting into serious romantic relationships too early.

Tom Usher 10/15/2012 6:53 PM

You are advocating sodomy. You've lost your mind. You are advocating insanity here, Steven. You are advocating sexual depravity and to cause physical damage to the rectal tissue and to help facilitate other diseases.

To everyone else, absolutely do not try sodomy! Anyone, and I mean anyone, advocating for it is either extremely ignorant or has a deep-seated mental disturbance and needs psychological help from a competent provider and not a pro-homosexuality APA member.

The APA, by the way, is not universal in its views on homosexuality. Many of its members do not agree with the "official" position, which should come as no surprise to intelligent and informed people concerning associations.

Steven doesn't "have that much time to devote to foolishness."

He's apparently fine that children who are raped by homosexuals and which subsequently and as a direct result of that abuse develop unwanted same-sex attraction will be blocked by the State of California from obtaining Reparative Therapy, concerning which therapy Steven is virtually entirely ignorant because he simply takes the word of the homosexual co-opters at the APA rather than actually reading the materials on NARTH's site and conversing with NARTH members and others who are expert in Sexual Orientation Change Efforts.

He can't be bothered with the facts that he calls what? Well, what does the APA say? It doesn't say that Reparative Therapy doesn't work or that it's harmful. Do you think Steven knows that? He couldn't be bothered to know. He's too busy promoting homosexuality no matter how bad it is.

Tom Usher 10/15/2012 7:13 PM

On your asinine statement that "Schoolchildren should be taught that masturbation is great," you apparently are as ignorant about that as you are about Reparative Therapy.

What part of masturbation addiction do you not understand? Are you completely ignorant about it?

The less a child is subjected to your kind of thinking on this the better life will be for that child, all other things being equal.

Children should definitely not be encouraged to masturbate. They shouldn't even be told about it. They should be allowed to grow up without it.

Children who are not told about it can grow up in a group without all the sexual problems that people like you bring into their lives.

The dark side brings the kind of stuff you're pushing. That's where you got it. You got it from the dark side, and you're promoting the dark side: evil.

You sound like someone who has had bad things happen to him and now he's spreading it: abused becomes abuser sort of thing.

I'm not saying you're bi-sexual or a pedophile or addicted to pornography, but you are either extremely duped or wittingly on the dark side.

I hope it's that you are simply duped and ignorant and can be enlightened to turn and repent and atone for the damage (most likely) you've done with your mouth that has defiled you.

Steven Baudoin 10/15/2012 11:13 PM

I don't promote homosexual activity. There's no need to. I do try to promote equal rights, including for gays and lesbians. You don't have to tell children about masturbation, they find it all on their own. If you don't want them to do it, you have to punish them and teach them that it is evil. Then they can grow to be obsessed with it, like you are, Tom. I am not duped, ignorant, nor evil. I am not Darth Vador. I am just a guy who can think straight. I hope your readers realize that not all Christians are like you.

Tom Usher 10/15/2012 AM

You call yourself a pro-homosexuality activist who doesn't promote homosexual activity. You think splitting that hair lets you off the hook? Try facilitating. Try spreading it. You're not promoting it, in a pig's eye. You're all for the little children getting two-daddies picture books. What the Hell do call that? That's promotion, Satan. That's marketing. Are you ever thick.

You promote equal rights for them to do what, avoid the subject of homosexually raped children you have yet to even mention because you are obsessed with avoiding the issue?

You know damn well that's the subject of my post, but you can't bring yourself to defend those children and THEIR RIGHTS (rather than talking as if only homosexuals have rights) to see a Reparative Therapist if they want to. Many have and are very glad they have.

How do you know children don't have to be told about masturbation? I sure did. You are slow. Children are told about it and then spread the word. That's how it went around in MY school. They don't all discover it on their own. You are completely in the dark if you think even the majority do or would were they never told by others about it.

I'm not the one obsessed with it. You brought it up.

Duck and dodge is all you do. You haven't addressed the facts about Reparative Therapy at all. You know none of the science. You're gullible. You are brainwashed to accept anything the APA says. You call that thinking straight. That's not thinking straight, That's letting them do your thinking for you without even ever checking them out, even though you've been told to over and over by me but are afraid, yes, afraid to do so because you'll find from other then this guy that you're all wet.

Not all Christians are like me? Name one. You? You don't even think Jesus is divine. You don't even believe there is a God. You're an atheist or agnostic calling yourself a Christian. What can be dumber than that? So much for your straight thinking. You spread lies and duck the truth because you're a coward refusing to check the details to see who is right.

Well, let me tell you. It's all going to come out where you can't hide from it. Your side is wrong and always has been about the authentic Reparative Therapy practiced by NARTH members right now!

I don't want to hear from you again until you've read the other side: NARTH's. When you've read every answer they have to every supposed point that the homosexuals at the APA claim, then I'll listen to you. Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to speak intelligently on the issues involved. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath though.

Right now, you are ignorant and suffering from cognitive dissonance at best. Frankly, I'm beginning to question your behavior as to whether or not you're engaged in, or have been engaged in, homosexuality and/or pedophilia and just don't want to face that about yourself and to work to overcome.

I truly hope you have not, but you sure are completely avoiding discussing the issue of homosexually raped children. You've avoided it so much that even if you were to now show the least bit of concern for them, that huge time that's gone by (months now really between us) would still be screaming out.

You better do some soul searching as to why you're in avoidance/denial on that. Maybe you don't believe in the soul though. Do you have a conscience? Does it work? Your moral compass is broken. I can tell you that much for sure. Get it fixed.

Read this:

I've discussed it with him too.

[edited original from daddy's to daddies]

Steven Baudoin 10/16/2012 11:26 AM

"You call yourself a pro-homosexuality activist who doesn't promote homosexual activity. You think splitting that hair lets you off the hook?"
There is no hair, no hook, except in your imagination. I do not call myself a pro-homosexuality activist, that is your characterization of me. I don't do anything to promote any kind of sexual activity. I have no reason to, I don't sell sex toys or produce sexy movies. What I try to do is advocate equal rights for all.
I only brought up masturbation in response to your comment on sodomy: "Stop helping them to dupe the little children who will grow up ruing the day they were told in their schools by their teachers that sodomy is great and should be tried and celebrated." From your reaction to my comment, I assume you have some serious sexual hang-ups.
I am as much against child molestation as anyone. You refer to it as "homosexually raped children," which reveals a distortion in your thinking. If you were raped with by a gang of women, would that be heterosexual rape? Rape is rape. You call it homosexual to reinforce your stance against the rights of human beings with whom you disagree.
I don't need to start naming Christians. Most are not like you, thank god. I imagine that you don't accept them as Christian, either. Indeed, I am not a Christian in any sense that you would accept. Apparently, in your mind, that makes me "Satan." I find that amusing.
On NARTH and "reparative therapy," I am of the opinion that it is not based on sound science. The first principle in psychology is to do no harm. These practitioners have not demonstrated that this therapy is safe or effective, nor that there is a need for it.

Tom Usher 10/16/2012 12:10 PM

Steven, you are so full of it. " I am indeed a pro-homosexuality activist," you wrote above.

You also wrote above, " I don't do anything to promote any kind of sexual activity" while also writing, "Schoolchildren should be taught that masturbation is great."

You assume I have a sexual "hangup." What's a hangup, not engaging in it and not advocating it the way you do?

You finally show any concern for the homosexually raped children but don't yet understand or you are still deliberately twisting about it, that homosexually raped boys (not all) for instance who had no homosexual interest whatsoever then develop same-sex attraction confusion as a direct result of that sexual abuse perpetrated upon them by someone or group with the mental disease that is homosexuality, spreading the mental infection.

You don't know one Christian who believes that homosexuality is not a sin in Christianity because that belief is fundamental to the faith. You only know your Christians in name only, not belief. They make it up as they go along and ignore the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, who defines Christianity, not your name-only Christians and not you.

You don't accept that Jesus called Peter "Satan" either, or do you pick and choose when to use the term based upon your idiotic view of whether or not homosexuality is a sin in Christianity?

As for your standard to judge NARTH, you haven't applied it to the therapies done by the APA critics of NARTH. For if you were to and to do so consistently and if the State of California were to do the same, those APA therapies would be outlawed in California. Hypocrisy is your forte though.

Go away Steven. You're on the verge of being blocked because you are unwilling to do even the basics to check out NARTH. You judge NARTH without knowing a thing about their track record that was deliberately distorted by the homosexual activists and the APA knows it full well but kept silent about it because they are false propagandists, just as you are (although, you're more the dupe but still knowingly spreading evil).

Read, learn, and stop spreading lies: "The (Complete) Lack of a Scientific Basis for Banning Sexual-Orientation Change Efforts with Minors: Claims by Sen. Lieu and SB 1172 of widespread harms to minors from SOCE represent rhetoric, not research," by Christopher Rosik, Ph.D.:

Spread the truth, airhead! Yes, airhead! You have been, and are still are being, extremely stupid about this: one of the dumbest I've encountered and that's saying a great deal. Others will shut up or go read NARTH. None has repeatedly dug in his heels insisting that he doesn't need to check NARTH. You are the only one who has done that.

You're against child abuse? You don't know where to draw the line on that. You're an apologist for Satan, which makes you his son, which makes you a part of him. That's too spiritual for you though.

Tom Usher 10/16/2012 12:28 PM

Steven wrote, "...sodomy is a normal part of many heterosexual relationships, you should try it." He also then wrote, "I don't do anything to promote any kind of sexual activity." You decide.

If you think that's not promoting sodomy here in public, you're as dumb as he is about it.

No wonder the world is in so much trouble.

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