Weak-Minded Falling for Monsanto's Murderous GMO Lies

Why are people so gullible and change their minds based upon lies from Monsanto that GMO's are just fine and labeling food that contains GMO's is any harder than labeling for any other ingredient?

Who cares if such products end up being more expensive anyway, not that they would on account of labeling GMO's? The idea is that if it's labeled, intelligent people won't buy the garbage anyway no matter how cheap it is.

That's why Monsanto is scared and spending millions against Proposition 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling initiative, a law that will allow you to know what your putting in your mouth and feeding to your family and customers, etc., to keep them from getting longterm diseases (such as huge cancers) that have been showing up in laboratory animals fed the same GMO's Monsanto is feeing people while trying to hide all of it. Read this: "Excess Cancers and Deaths with GM Feed: the Stats Stand Up."

Monsanto cut short animal testing. Doing that hid the longer-term diseases caused by Monsanto's GMO Frankenfood. You want to eat that? If so, you're insane!

Less-intelligent, ignorant people will fall for Monsanto's hyper-greedy, lies and distortions. Isn't what they are doing criminal? I say Monsanto is a fraud, a monstrously evil company that should have been shut down decades ago!

Monsanto is treating human beings as nothing but sources of money while those people remain alive, even though their lives will be shortened via horrendous, painful diseases. Monsanto thinks of human beings as no more important than the lab rats their food kills.

Read this: Organic Bytes #351: Turning Point in the Food Fight of Our Lives

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