Recommended: Anglican Mainstream's Slide Show: "Gay Myths"

My father was an Episcopal minister. After that church left me, they started calling their ministers "priests." I saw it go from low church to high church, with the attendant "drama."

Anyway, now the Episcopal church, which is still part of the global Anglican Communion as far as I know, not only "tolerates" homosexuality, it celebrates it and elevates openly practicing homosexuals to high clerical positions. The Anglican Mainstream stands opposed to the Episcopal church's actions. You may read more about them here.

"Those in the network of Anglican Mainstream are committed to the traditional biblical teaching on marriage, the family and human sexuality." I believe it is safe to read that as "New Testament teaching."

The Anglican Mainstream has come up with the slide show below, which I believe is highly representative of the best facts we have at present on the subject of homosexuality. I recommend you read it. Switching to full screen by clicking the lower-right corner of the frame will likely help.

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