Bill Maher's Shallow Analysis: "The Gays Have Won"

Bill Maher claims:

Bill Maher's Shallow Analysis: "The Gays Have Won"...the gay movement has already won.

via HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher Blog - The Gays Have Won.

Won what?

Bill Maher is not well-versed concerning CA SB 1172. When he can speak on the issue as someone who is reasonably informed, it might help.

I have heard him say things with which I agree and have written so publicly.

That "the gay movement has already won"/that the issue is over, is incorrect. The homosexual activists are having to back up. That's new. The campaigns decided to avoid the issue in the debates. If Romney is elected, I assure you Bill Maher's "analysis" (opinion) will be proven false.

My issue is with truth. I am only interested that the people have it concerning homosexuality. I am not interested in the superficial. If they have the truth and vote one way or the other, that's their choice. Keeping the truth from them is the first problem.

The homosexual movement has deliberately censored scientific evidence and repeatedly lied, as I've repeatedly shown on this blog. Either you stand with the truth or you're against it. There's no fence sitting on that once you know what the truth is.

Are you able to articulate why you aren't for homosexually molested children in CA getting professional help with their resultant unwanted (non-genetic) same-sex attraction or, if you are for them, why you haven't said up to this point that you are?

If it is your intention not to answer that, then what's your motive?

Did you read this? "California's Ban on Self-Determination." It's just the tip of the iceberg of the things that so-called victorious movement has done to dupe the masses. Are you one of their duped? Which side are you on, truth or falsehood? Do you want the truth? I do.

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