On Robert L. Spitzer's Apology to What He Calls the "Gay Community"

Robert L. Spitzer's 2012 statements about his 2001 paper, "Can Some Gay Men and Lesbians Change Their Sexual Orientation?":

Basic Research Question. From the beginning it was: "can some version of reparative therapy enable individuals to change their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual?" Realizing that the study design made it impossible to answer this question, I suggested that the study could be viewed as answering the question, "how do individuals undergoing reparative therapy describe changes in sexual orientation?" – a not very interesting question.

The Fatal Flaw in the Study – There was no way to judge the credibility of subject reports of change in sexual orientation. I offered several unconvincing reasons why it was reasonable to assume that the subject's reports of change were credible and not self-deception or outright lying. But the simple fact is that there was no way to determine if the subject's accounts of change were valid.

via Robert Spitzer psychiatrist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Question: How do studies of those who claim they cannot change meet that standard? How do homosexual-affirming psychologists or psychiatrist prove those homosexuals' statements are "credible and not self-deception or outright lying"? Answer: At this point, they cannot.

Nevertheless, they go on relying upon their equally limited studies while only trashing studies on the other side and trashing all of the people who openly testify that they have changed, per the Spitzer paper and many, many other reports. It's called hypocrisy -- the double-standard -- and it's evil.

Homosexuality is Not Immutable! Press Release: Voices of Change

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