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Instinctive homosexual desires?

S. Marc Breedlove, a neuroscientist and psychologist at Michigan State University, said there was overwhelming evidence that sexual orientation is affected by both biology and environment. Clearly, he said, reparative therapy helps some people alter sexual behavior. But that is far different, he noted, from transforming instinctive sexual desires, something never proved in scientific studies.

via 'Ex-Gay' Men Fight View That Homosexuality Can't Be Changed - NYTimes.com.

Instinctive homosexual desires is also something that has never been proved in scientific studies.

In addition, if S. Marc Breedlove is referring solely to Reparative Therapy, then it should be said. The reason is that he should know that change in homosexual desires can be 100% altered via operant conditioning and other means if that conditioning and those means utilize the most advanced technological methods. The brain can be completely re-patterned. That's been known for decades. The brain matter is plastic, meaning changeable. The form and function is radically changeable.

The time for being dupe by stupid claims that homosexuality is immutable is long since past.

That sexuality is fluid is becoming common knowledge. Homosexual activists can't stop it. They've lost. They lost before they started.

The question has always been whether or not societally we want hedonism and narcissism to rule rather than what is best for humanity as a whole and individuals individually. Deviations allowing males to sodomize each other is clearly destructive of the moral fiber of the nation. Allowing such falsehood to masquerade as something to tolerate, let alone condone and now even celebrate and hold out as superior, is the completely wrong path for the nation and world.

Saying that in no way calls for a lack of or reduction in compassion for those who have been led astray onto the slippery slope. It in no way may be honestly reduced to vacuous and disingenuous terms such as homophobia or bigotry as used by homosexual activists, as there is nothing irrational in knowing that homosexual sodomy, for one, is fraught with problems (ripping the rectal tissues, allowing pathogens to enter making the body further sick) and nothing wrong in realizing that homosexuality is not akin to any of the traditionally protected classes of minorities where those minorities have no choice as to how they were born. It is also not akin to religious choices where people had been being persecuted for actually advocating what is best, such as peace, the voluntary giving and sharing of all things, and sexual purity.

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