L. Randall Wray: "Here's Stephanie Kelton, in perhaps the best interview I've ever heard on Modern Money Theory."


...you can spend and you can create the currency in an infinite way, that you should go out and spend to infinity. That's not it at all. What I'm saying is that when you have about 23 million Americans who want to work and they want full-time work and they're unable to find it, when you have things that need to be done, useful things that need to be done – like, I mentioned the $2.2 trillion in infrastructure investment that needs to be made, and you have folks who want to work, and you have useful things that need to be done, and you have the financial wherewithal to make that happen, it's not financially responsible.
... the way we're running the economy right now, this is not fiscally responsible. This is dysfunctional finance. We're getting everything wrong. We've got all kinds of room to run here and we can safely crank up aggregate demand. We can safely cut taxes on those that we think will be most likely to go out and spend, and that spending leads to the sales that then lead to job creation, and we can safely increase government spending on programs like infrastructure, education and the kinds of things that we believe generate real economic growth and prosperity and leave our children and grandchildren better off than they would be otherwise.

Transcript: Stephanie Kelton Interview - Harry Shearer.

You can add in that United States Notes (USN) were interest-free. We could reintroduce USN and completely convert all existing Federal Reserve Notes to USN. We could create all the money we need to completely pay off the National Debt while still controlling in real-time the money supply to totally eliminate both price inflation and deflation. I've spelled it all out many times on this blog. The only obstacle is cognitive dissonance.

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