Catholic Care loses its five-year legal battle |

"Beyond question"?

...they were defeated today as the Charity Commission argued that the charity's stance is "divisive, capricious and arbitrary" and undermined the dignity of homosexual couples whose parenting abilities are "beyond question".

via Catholic Care loses its five-year legal battle |

Saying that homosexual parenting is beyond question is what's arbitrary. There has never been sufficient evidence to support that all other things being equal, the outcome for children raised by openly homosexual parents is just as good as for children raised by heterosexual-parent couples.

Of course, one of the things Christians would be interested in is whether or not homosexuals would produce a higher rate of homosexuality itself, which if it does (we're sure it will at least for a while), would be viewed as highly negative by those Christians. However, even putting that aside, we are confident that where all other things are essentially equal, that homosexual parenting will not prove healthy in the aggregate.

We believe there is ample evidence that homosexuality itself comes with a host of problems that so-called acceptance of homosexuality does not and will not correct. The evidence of Denmark for one, a homosexuality-affirming society, shows this.

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