Censorship of Christians, conversion-therapy ban catching on at American Family News Network

My completely legitimate comments and questions were deleted ("This comment was deleted") by an ostensibly Christian website (American Family News Network). What's new? (Sarcasm intended)

Molloy, when a heterosexual boy is repeatedly homosexually molested and raped by a homosexual pedophile or pederast and then the boy via the conditioning (homosexual imprinting) is sexually aroused by even the thought of the same sex but that boy doesn't want that, why is it that in California or anywhere that boy should be breaking the law if he gets wanted help from an authentic Reparative Therapist who practices zero coercion or even any sort of aversion therapy (whether the boy wants to under go aversion therapy or not)? Don't you think that blocking such boys from such help is evil, neglectful, even heaping more abuse upon him, more pain and suffering? If not, why not?

"Conversion therapy" ban catching on.

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