Tom's take on: "Is There A Pedophilia Gene? | @worldcrunch"

First read this: Is There A Pedophilia Gene? | @worldcrunch.

That article concerns one man and incest. Was he interested in other children? Also, his interest was in his daughter. Does he have young male sons at home? What about homosexuality and pedophilia?

A colleague wrote, "This is something the media and wider society do not want to talk about."

When I bring it up, I get accused of all sorts of things not the least of which is that I must have been homosexually abused as a child and that more importantly, I'm holding that against all homosexuals regardless of whether or not those other homosexuals have engaged in such abuse.

However, it's about connecting the obvious dots concerning imprinting homosexuality and pedophilia: "Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse."

Does the DNA change when someone is homosexually or heterosexually molested? The brain certainly does.

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