Ariel Sharon's Brat Kid Says to "Flatten all of Gaza" - JPost

I'm told that the author of the linked op-ed, Gilad Sharon, is Ariel Sharon's kid. If that's not right, then I retract it herewith. Here's what this Gilad Sharon is telling his fellow Zionists:

We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza.

via A decisive conclusion is necessary - JPost - Opinion - Op-Eds.

I have written many times on this blog and elsewhere that the reason Ariel Sharon withdrew from Gaza was so that he could then attack it to level it without having any Zionist "settlers" in the way getting hurt. Now here's his brat kid actually openly calling for just that.

Look, I'm tired of these Zionists. I'm tired of the United States of America giving them tens of billions of dollars worth of the highest-tech weapons and ammunition that those Zionists then use on people who have been nearly entirely defenseless and whose most advance weapons can hardly even make it beyond the Zionists anti-missile shield that the United States funded.

The Zionists are liars. They took the Palestinian Arabs lands at the point of guns and worse. When there was a huge lull in rockets back in 2008, the Zionists attacked Gaza en masse. After a similar lull, brokered by Egypt this time, the Zionists again attacked Gaza.

The Zionists have delusions of grandeur. They are colonists from Europe for the most part (their leadership). They are imperialists in the worst modern and ancient sense. They have been and remain extremely bad for the United States of America, internally and internationally.

Barack Obama is openly defending evil. The Zionists refuse to adhere to the most reason UN resolutions, even after the UN agreed to let them have 55% of the land for some 30% of the people there. The Zionists want it all and more.

The so-called Christian Zionists side with the Jewish Zionists even though those self-styled Christians know that the Jewish Zionists lose, are on the wrong side, and are not the chosen people/elect of Jesus Christ.

Why in the Hell did the American people allow the Republican and Democratic Parties to limit the American people to the choices of picking either of two Zionists (Obama or Romney), voting for a third person who could never win because of the mainstream corporate media's stranglehold on the "news" (largely, if not entirely, Zionist controlled), or not vote at all?

If America continues backing these monsters like Gilad Sharon and his stroke-struck father, America will go down with the Zionists.

Think about people like Gilad Sharon coming to power in Israel with its nuclear weapons and now its nuclear capable submarines, thanks to the airhead Germans who sold them to the Zionists.

Back in 1948, the UN should have said no to a Jewish state in Palestine. It was an evil decision. The UN didn't own Palestine to give it away, especially to a bunch of people who immediately embarked upon expansion and endless additional false-propaganda right up to this very day.

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