Poor Ben: FRB: Speech--Bernanke, The Economic Recovery and Economic Policy--November 20, 2012

Poor Ben:

Of course, we should all understand that long-term projections of ever-increasing deficits will never actually come to pass, because the willingness of lenders to continue to fund the government can only be sustained by responsible fiscal plans and actions.

FRB: Speech--Bernanke, The Economic Recovery and Economic Policy--November 20, 2012.

We don't need deficits because we don't need to borrow. We can issue United States Notes (debt-free money). We can pay off the debt with United States Notes. We can fund government with tax-free United States Notes. We can have the government spend/issue United States Notes right into the real economy (not financial speculation of Wall Street). The government, by this method, can give the people, whose government it is supposed to be, what the people both need and want, as democratically decided from the bottom-up and no longer the top-down. It's all spelled out on this blog. Just search the blog on United States Notes.

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