"Sandusky Laws": California SB 1172 & Other Evil Homosexual Plans

First, my thoughts about the linked article:

This is the exact approach I've been advocating for months and months. The person who thought to start calling them "Sandusky Laws" nailed it! That's the most powerful argument to derail the anti-NARTH forces. Lead with the issue of abuse! Hammer it. Put the other side on the defensive over and over and over. Don't let them up. Pin them down, and don't say homosexuality is "okay" or "fine." Just say that you are opposed to having a lack of compassion. Say you are opposed to bullying, etc., and mean it. Do say though that there are problems associated with homosexuality, and say it with the data. This article does, just the way I do on my blog. Mention the high rate of HIV/AIDS, promiscuity, etc., etc.

This article sounds so much like the stuff I write. I'm so glad this is becoming the approach. The homosexual activists will lose if we all take this approach. They will lose because this is the truth while what they are saying is half-truth at best.

Why am I not afraid to say this openly? It doesn't matter if the homosexual activists know that this is what we are saying. There is no defense against it no matter what. There is no defense against it because it is eternally right.

The only options they have are to attempt to ignore it (they will of course seek to censor it everywhere) and to attempt to change the subject. So don't let them!

The linked article is by Matt Barber. The article says that he "is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law" and "serves as vice president of Liberty Counsel Action." Here's the opening of his powerful article that synthesizes most of the best points against the reprehensible, one-sided, shortsighted California SB 1172 and all of the other legislative plans and efforts by homosexualists.

"Sandusky Laws": California SB 1172 & Other Evil Homosexual Plans

Matt Barber

In recent months, "progressive" lawmakers, activist attorneys and militant homosexual pressure groups have launched a fierce campaign to ban therapeutic help for child victims of monsters like homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky. California has already passed such a law SB 1172.

On Friday, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver challenged this twisted ban in federal court, seeking a preliminary injunction to halt the law from taking effect on Jan. 1. Judge Kimberly Mueller will likely issue a decision within a week or so.

Read the whole article, and use the arguments! Jerry Sandusky Laws: Sick and twisted.

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