How Male Homosexuality Might (Highly Likely) Start and Increase

In my research on the subject of homosexuality undertaken solely because homosexual activists have been falsely insisting that change from homosexuality is never possible while I know that change in all sinful behavior is possible (if homosexuality cannot be changed/diminished, then no mistaken feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds can be changed; obviously they can), I've come across and have considered the following (some original with me) I share here for your edification and thoughtful consideration:

Several possibilities, individually or in any combination, for how homosexuality starts in males:

  1. Homosexual pedophile abuse: conditioning the heterosexual boy's body and mind to be sexually aroused by other males
  2. Unmet needs with a heterosexual, masculine father-figure
  3. Over-attachment to a female-needing mother
  4. Porn confusion: conditioning sexual arousal via males in pornography with females rather than viewing porn of females only
  5. Porn desensitization:
    1. Going from one porn image to the next to the next in search of repeating the "newness" of the stimulation
    2. Moving on to other forms of porn for the same reason: more and more graphic and including more and more "taboo" (unfortunately not as taboo as once were) subjects, including of course, homosexual
  6. Searching for more orgasms: self-masturbation has worn out it's "excitement" (so many homosexual males are so ready to "help" so they can receive their own fleeting fix for their sexual addiction)
  7. Bad sexual relations with females: males are not as demanding if all that is wanted is sexual climaxes; women are available for "one-night stands" but not nearly as in the plentiful numbers that homosexual males reportedly are (so-called "gay"bars; bathhouses in larger cities; etc.)

There are other possible sub-varieties of the above that come to mind and also other whole varieties.

All of the above can be overwritten via new conditioning behavior.

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