Homosexual-Activist Fools, Ignoramuses, and Epigenetics

The fool speaks:

And this new study destroys all your assumptions:




Oh Lord, save us from fools and idiots.

Look, ignoramus, I'm in no mood for playing patty cake today. For one, if you bother to read and can comprehend, the study itself more than suggests that epigenetics is subject to environmental/nurturing factors, post birth, inherent in that system itself. If you don't know what that means, go study.

The study you claim proves everything I wrote as wrong, doesn't even claim to disprove what you think it does, what you've possibly been told by airheaded-homosexual-activist websites. What you've done is the typical knee-jerk, uneducated, foolish thing, and that's take headlines written by journalists and editors who drum up controversy on purpose (use fools, as they are: you) and run around with it as if it has vanquished the truth and the facts, the actual details, concerning homosexuality.

Years ago on this blog, I said that what parents even think before they conceive impacts upon the offspring. I have also made clear on numerous occasions that what people think changes them and can even change gene expression. I did that without any studies. Now how did I do that? You don't even know where you are. I made clear that I knew that the DNA was not all there was to it. I was aware of epigenetics. So, I was way ahead of the men who conducted the study you claim defeats me.

Now get out of here, and don't come back until you think before you write. Before you go though, bless you. You need it.

You actually created a new DISQUS user just to be able to make your dumb comment? You couldn't use your real identity? That's how confident you are.


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