What's Homosexual Love? Is It Gay or Darkness?

Do you believe you love homosexuals more than Jesus loves you that he went to the cross for you to show you what real love is and what's really worth dying for? Do you think homosexuals love each other and me the way Jesus loves those he will allow into the kingdom of God with him forever, that sinless place from which the Holy Spirit can come and go and come again yet always be there? Do you believe that the homosexuals who call Jesus crap, really love anyone? Would you really rather be with them eternally than with him? Does real love, does God leave those doing his commandments eternally stuck with those who intentionally do horrible wickedness even after having been repeatedly told to stop and why?

You wouldn't love your son enough to reach down and to tell him to take your hand so you could pull him out of the sewer and save him? You wouldn't love the father who does that more than the father who just doesn't even say a word to his son but leaves him there forever to die, ignorant that he could take his father's hand that his father could if he loves him, extend to him? Do you think my God isn't the one and only God and that he doesn't have his hand reached out to you but you just aren't understanding what he's telling you, not understanding because your heart is too hard?

Do you love Satan (who hates Jesus and wants to destroy him) as much as you love God? Do you then claim your love is unconditional and that you love everyone equally no matter what? Do you then claim that you really know the difference between right and wrong? Do you really think you then know what love is? Sigh

Jesus called all homosexuals sinners. He called all homosexual behavior a sin.

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There are many other posts and comments on this site on this subject, but it is far, far, far from the only thing covered. It is just that the homosexuals are out to dupe the world to devour every soul, as they have been devoured by evil. Come out of homosexuality. Come out of sexual depravity. Be saved from it. Repent. Change.

They lie that you cannot change. They do that to you because they are only thinking of themselves. They don't love you. Their so-called love is selfish. When they do anything that is not truly selfish, if ever, they are not doing that in the spirit of homosexuality.

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