Watch Dr. Gagnon Dismantle False-Christian Teachings of Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Robinson

I watched the video below last night — well worth it!

About 4 minutes into Dr. Gagnon's intro, the audio clears up, so hang in there with him, as he completely dismantles the false teachings of Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson. Turn it up, but be ready to turn it down! Don't hurt your ears.

I have been told that the "V" there stands for Victoria and that his nickname was or is "Vicky" because his parents wanted a girl. I don't know whether that was meant as a joke. Any accurate insights on that would be welcome.

Also, the issue of his adultery can be separated from the issue of infidelity before his divorce. He is committing adultery right now because his grounds for divorce did not meet Jesus's clear and heightened standard. His wife had not cheated on him!

As Rob Gagnon so aptly pointed out, albeit indirectly, Robinson's "traditions" fail miserably to understand the hierarchy of sins (weightier, as Jesus referred to some sins) and also that Jesus came to enhance our understanding of the real law, not lower the standards.

Merry Christmas and Peace, Love, and Truth to you all,

Tom Usher

via Skyline Church: Conversation on the Definition of Marriage on Vimeo

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