Death Threat by So-Called "Gay"-Rights Activist - YouTube

Scott Lively wrote:

People who have never stood up against the so-called "gay rights" movement have no idea how vicious these activists can be. I have received literally (and I mean literally) hundreds of messages like this over the years. This is the first time one of them has been dumb enough to leave it on voicemail. Thanks to my friend K. B. for posting it on Youtube. If you want a copy of the MP3 audio of this send me a request at [deleted to protect him from further criminal abuse] and I'll attach it to the reply. People need to hear this.

Warning: graphic and disturbing language:

Death threat by Gay Rights Activist - YouTube.

Understand that it can't be known who is behind everything like this event. I've been on the receiving end, so I know these things are real. Of course, if the person saying that meant it as stated, the individual is insane (regardless of how the law views that term) on a number of levels and desperately needs proper mental-health/spiritual treatment.

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