Queen James Bible: Homosexuals' False Scripture

This is exactly what I predicted the homosexual activists would do. It is an abomination, and what's more, despite Michael Brown's making nice with them, the homosexual activists know it is an abomination. They know there is zero to substantiate any of these ridiculous changes. The truth is, they simply made it all up.

Queen James Bible: Homosexuals' False ScriptureTo his credit, Brown does show the reader why the "idolatry" interpretation about homosexuality doesn't work; it doesn't work for bestiality, that is until other paraphiles (coined; see paraphilia) get in on the act and create the pro-bestiality version of the Bible. Think I'm kidding? Think again. They are sick, and will continue coming out until humankind wakes up. It will become darker and darker and darker until then.

Also, King James himself was an alleged homosexual (bi). Ironic, isn't it. Well, maybe not. His bishops wouldn't go along with allowing homosexuality in the King James Version of the Bible though.

The Queen James Bible and 'Homophobic' Interpretations.

There's also this that lists the changed versus: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/queen-james-bible-scrubs-homophobic-passages

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