Twitter Digest: Sunday, December 30, 2012

  1. Google Blog search is censoring my post: "Where NARTH Stands and What Must Be Done: "Gay," Homosexual Culture"

  2. On Vern Radul (and Alan Watts, author of, "The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are"):

  3. I favorited a @YouTube video from @ProfSteveKeen Congress Briefing on the Fiscal Cliff: Lessons From the 1930s

  4. Zionist Jews v. Non-Zionist Jews

  5. India gang rape spurs national dialogue via @CSMonitor

  6. Where NARTH Stands and What Must Be Done: "Gay," Homosexual Culture

  7. Are the Largest Banks Too Complex for Their Own Good?

  8. On: Michael Hoexter: "Deficit" is the Wrong Word and Concept « naked capitalism

  9. Egypt's New Constitution: How it Differs from Old Version

  10. Queen James Bible: Homosexuals' False Scripture

  11. Death Threat by So-Called "Gay"-Rights Activist - YouTube


  13. I liked a @YouTube video from @rt_com Assange's Christmas address from Ecuador embassy in London (FULL

  14. "The Burial Of Bethlehem" by the Zionists: murderers of the great Jesus Christ who rose again forever

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