SB 1172: APA: No studies SOCE harmful

Here is the prime example of homosexual lies versus the actual facts/truth of the matter:

In her defense of S.B. 1172, Ms. Harris [California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris] said the state [California] correctly outlawed SOCE for minors because "every mainstream professional mental health organization" has concluded that it is ineffective and unsafe.

SOCE is a "potentially dangerous relic from an era when homosexuality was pathologized and criminalized," Ms. Harris wrote. Today, the scientific and professional consensus says that "homosexuality is a normal expression of human sexuality, and not a disease, condition, or disorder in need of a 'cure.'"

She and other supporters of the law point to a lengthy 2009 report on SOCE by the American Psychological Association that found that SOCE had no scientific basis, could cause harm to some people, and should not be promoted.

The same APA report, however, conceded that "there are no scientifically rigorous studies of recent SOCE that would enable us to make a definitive statement about whether recent SOCE is safe or harmful, and for whom," Mr. Staver said in his brief to the appellate court. In fact, sexual-orientation issues in children "are virtually unexamined," he said, adding that there is no empirical evidence that SOCE harms minors.

via Ban on gay-to-straight therapy for children halted - Washington Times.

Furthermore, there's a ton of evidence never refuted by the homosexual and pro-homosexuality activists and politicians, such as AG Kamala Harris, that clearly shows the myriad symptoms of homosexuality, symptoms that just do not show up for heterosexuals where all other things are equal.

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