Fed is Audited. So What? Abolish it!

The Federal Reserve is first and foremost a usurers protection system. It is not first and foremost a system to avoid the politicization of currency creation and to keep inflation in check!

Here's a Fed insider's defensive propaganda piece: Audit the Fed | How the Federal Reserve is Audited | About the Fed. You will find nowhere in it any discussion of the root of banking: usury, which is interest on loans/debts.

If you read the PDF link in that article by the St. Louis Fed ("An article in the September/October 2011 issue of Review discussing why the Fed was designed the way it was"), you will find a long argument for avoiding politicization of currency creation to avoid inflation. You will not find any discussion of any alternative and better ways of avoiding politicization of currency creation to avoid inflation. You will also not here about how to avoid the National Debt or how to eliminate it instantly!

Public Banking combined with the NEED Act modified to create a constitutional requirement for an open source algorithm to act as the completely non-politicized Monetary Authority rather than the Fed could, and if done correctly would, completely eliminate the National Debt, all interest on the US currency (which would be United States Money; United States Notes), all taxes, all inflation and deflation, and all poverty.

If could do that via grassroots, bottom-up, consensus, direct democracy of a fully economically and financially inform citizenry completely doing away with the parasitic, elitist banker-capitalist class, the selfishness and greed of which class has been the biggest obstacle to the elimination of poverty from the face of the earth.

This is why usury (interest on loans) was forbidden in the Bible for any Israelite to apply against any other Israelite. The Gentiles were unfortunately discriminated against due to the selfish evil of ethnic bigotry on the part of the leaders of the Israelites. Jesus Christ came not to authorize usury but to extend the spirit of the law to all of humanity that could accept that spirit. Are we ready yet?

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