Ending Poverty

As for being able only to use a coin for the purpose of eliminating the National Debt because of the strict interpretation of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, then the Constitution needs to be amended to allow for paper and cyber currency in lieu of what the Constitution now states that are coins (metal one would assume but not necessarily only gold or silver).

As for not paying off the National Debt, is anyone suggesting that no holder of US bonds should be paid either the principal or interest? If so, the only way to keep millions of pensioners on low fixed incomes from being driven into bankruptcy would be a socialistic solution, my point.

If your intention is solely to not reward the fraudsters who set up the bubbles to reap the rewards of the crash, which we have been seeing via the continual movement of wealth (real or fake) to the top 5%, then of course, I have no problem with not rewarding them. I've said that repeatedly. I've also said no "off with their heads" and no starving them, etc.

I don't agree with political philosopher Thomas Pogge's solution, but his introduction in terms of the stats showing how the rich are destroying the poor is right on.

Ending Poverty - YouTube.

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Update January 16, 2013:

For three decades, the Institute for International Economics in Washington has been enormously influential as an intellectual home base for globalization. The think tank is nonpartisan, but closely aligned with business and finance multinationals that provide generous funding. A few years ago, its name was changed to the Peterson Institute, honoring its founding chairman and leading benefactor, billionaire Pete Peterson, who is better known for his long-running crusade against Social Security and Medicare.

Whenever you read about the thousands of jobs promised by a new trade agreement, supporting evidence was very likely generated by economists at the Peterson Institute. The fact that these "studies" regularly turned out to be wildly exaggerated or flat wrong has not deterred experts from churning out more dubious assertions.

Is the Global Economic Establishment Taking a Progressive Turn?, by William Greider. The Nation. January 15, 2013.

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