Homosexualization Of the Gullible

The American public educational system has been contorted so that under the guise of comfortable speech, political correctness, and other such things, ethical academic freedom, freedom of inquiry, and the like, have been sacrifice to promote sexual error.

There is no doubt whatsoever that anal intercourse is an error. Homosexual males as a so-called community would not give it up. I won't belabor the point here. What I am going to do is show you the results of the American public educational system that has been involved in homosexualizing the youth since mostly the 1980's and that in doing so, has turned many people raised up in that system into people who cannot and/or who refuse to follow an argument or debate to save their souls.

Here is an example:

I received a link from someone who is a prime example of the homosexualization process. His pattern is ignoring logic and truth.

You need to understand that I had already been through the entire issue with him, completely answering every question he ever put to me on the subject of homosexuality. What he has continually done, is ignore even those things concerning which he has agreed and done so, so that he imagines he may remain comfortable in his confusion.

My response:

You can follow unrepentant homosexual Ellen DeGeneres or Jesus. You can't follow both to Heaven. The path she is promoting to you doesn't lead there. Are you going to remain with her or come over to Jesus's side? Those are your only options.

Obama To Be Sworn In On Queen James Bible?

His reply:

What are afraid of?

What are YOU afraid of?

My response:

I don't like evil. Why are you against Jesus's teachings?

His reply:

I am not. His words are certainly important. They didnt have tape recorders back then so maybe some of his words were lost in translation. I cant believe that an all loving God wouldnt love ALL his people. That just doesnt make sense to me. And i refuse to accept a world view that alienates 30+% of the world. Bigotry, racism, any kind of prejudice is what is evil.

My response:

Look, [deleted], you already said all of that. So why do you keep sending me homosexual links?

You don't believe the canonical Gospels are accurate that Jesus condemned fornication or adultery. So to you, he may have thought multiple sex partners, married or not, and including of either sex (and what was to preclude animals and little children and dead bodies and a sister and a mother and brother and God knows what else that the missing tape recorder didn't capture for you) was all fine. Your arguments against the fact that homosex is wrong are illogical. Nevertheless, you write as one who wouldn't believe Jesus if he were to come right to you and were to tell you to your face.

God does not have to accept homosex to please you in order to be God. Homosex is disordered for obvious reasons. If you want to take it up your rear end by some guy, you have a mental and spiritual problem that you need to overcome. That's how it is. No amount of complaining against a God who doesn't tell you that it's okay for you to take it up the rear is going to alter the truth.

You are afraid. You are afraid to stand up and to tell males that their sodomizing each other is wrong, even though you know that it is wrong. That's a sin.

You aren't prejudice? Then let the unrepentant active male homosexual pedophiles move in with your family right now if you love pedophiles the way you think God loves them, if you're so fine with whatever anyone does sexually. Let them sleep with your children. You wouldn't be the first father to do that evil to his children.

It's a shame you think God isn't disgusted by any human sexual iniquity. It's a shame you even imagine Jesus could be okay with adultery or fornication, as if all of his words in the Gospels aren't wholly consistent.

How long are you going to keep sending me homosexual links, [deleted]? What's your point? What are you trying to accomplish, to tempt me (the way Satan tried to tempt Jesus) to fall with you? It isn't going to happen.

Why don't you join Jesus instead? Why don't you fall on your face and tell God you are truly sorry for everything you've ever done and ask God to heal you of your sexual problems? Repentance and perseverance, [deleted], that's what it takes.

Love and truth are the same thing. That homosexuality is fine is a lie, and there's no real love in it. Ask God.

There's nothing further to say to you on it. I've told you enough for anyone to get it who can receive Jesus's truth on it. If you reject Jesus's truth, that's you. I'm not going with you on it, ever.

May God bless you with the truth. May you stop blaspheming the God and Father of Jesus Christ. May you stop pretending to yourself that you are wiser than Jesus about homosex or anything else. Amen.

His reply:

Nope. I am not afraid - not of what you mention at least. I don't know why you always go to pedophilia. To me that is extremely weird.

If "Jesus" said "follow me over this cliff" would you go? You are wrong. If thinking the way I do is wrong then I don't want to be write. Ziggy said something to that effect (oh he was GAY! and so was his "author"). There I go again..

You think we are the only living beings in the Universe? No way. There is just too much "space" for that to mathematically be true. You and I aren't even a "blip" on the screen's radar. We are so insignificant. You think differently (obviously). Thoughts of grandeur in terms of your self image I am sure. That is typical of folks with various behavioral disorders.

I am not trying to tempt you in any way shape or form. That must be a product of your paranoia.

Peace be with you

If thinking the way I do is wrong then I don't want to be RIGHT"

My response:

As usual, you ducked the point -- your pattern.

When you defend any sexual error, you don't have the luxury of avoiding discussing the others. Are you prejudice against homosexual pedophiles or not? Are you prejudice against any sort of sexual behavior at all? You are, but you said all prejudice is evil, which shows your confusion. Yet, you don't want to admit to yourself that you are confused. That's the point that you have consistently ducked in very bad argumentation form.

You are of a generation that has been mis-trained concerning critical-thinking skills, which skills you term "weird." Consistency of thought is weird to you. I am opposed to all sexual error. You are not prejudice against any; but then again, you are.

Your generation has been mis-taught to be comfortable with what is wrong, and that has only served to make things worse.

You don't answer questions. I asked you why you keep sending homosexual-promoting links. You don't answer.

What kind of mind is it that asks another person whether he would follow Jesus over a cliff? What cliff? Do you consider going to the cross analogous to going over a cliff to die in both flesh and soul? If so, and I believe that is your thinking, it is just more ignorance and confusion in your head and heart.

As far as your "Ziggy" reference, what are you alleging about God now?

Also, where did being alone in the universe come into this on my part? It didn't.

Look, your continually sending spiritually Satanic links to me that promote the error of males sodomizing each other, something you apparently have no problem with, is designed to cause a fight because you have your own deep-seated sexual problems that you are obviously avoiding dealing with but are rather rationalizing about it, and extremely poorly at that.

So, if you are not interested in actually answering my questions and actually seeing in your statements and answers your confusion, there is zero point in my discussing this issue with you ever again.

Finally, your knowledge of the Gospel message concerning temptation is sorely lacking.

As I said to you before, you go with your bugger friends. I'll go with Jesus. We shall see who ends up being the one who blindly followed the blind into the ditch.

Why doesn't God straighten you out? Why don't you ask him? Are you able to even do that?


"Nope. I am not afraid - not of what you mention at least." Really, when and where have you stood up and told males that their sodomizing each other is wrong? Would you do that in a large group of homosexual sodomizers? I have. I've done it with my identity right there for all to see to connect me with my statement and my consistent convictions across-the-board (on that and much more -- many, many different issues). Have you? Would you? If so, do it.

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