Ben Swann: Piers Morgan's Gun Stats Wrong

Piers Morgan said there were 11,000 homicides by guns in the US.

Ben Swann says per the FBI:
12,664 homicides
8,583 by firearms
400 of those by law enforcement and deemed by them "justifiable"
260 of the 8,583 by private citizens and deemed by at least the FBI as "justifiable"

Only 62.6 million people
Piers Morgan said there were 35 gun-related homicides in 2011.
Ben Swann says it was 59, not 35 (one wonders whether the "justifiable" aspect comes into this much if at all).

Some additional stats per Ben Swann:
The US is number 1 in guns per capita but number 28 in gun homicides per capita (don't forget that many of those were deemed "justifiable").
Ben Swann's point is that more guns doesn't equate to more violence.
The UK had 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people (reported, and what's reported and not reported?).
The US had 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with gun control, it is very good and necessary journalism that people fact-check the stats cited by those arguing any position. So, thank you Ben Swann for doing that.

Ben Swann REALITY CHECK for Piers Morgan Gun Stats - YouTube.

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