More on the Platinum-Coin Idea

The Federal Reserve System has always faced criticism that it is an unconstitutional scheme where the Congress of the US delegated authority that it should not have, that it had no right. Now, the platinum-coin scheme rests upon the idea that the Secretary of the US Treasury has the statutory power to mint any platinum coin in any denomination (face value) without any additional congressional approval. It's more delegation again. Would it be constitutional?

Frankly, upon further reflection, this whole thing is really an exercise distracting the American people from the fact Congress can issue currency at any face value without borrowing a dime from anyone. That's where the focus should be.

We need to scrap the Federal Reserve System and get rid of the National Debt and all of this fake austerity, scarcity of funding for the productive economy.

The only real value I see in the platinum-coin idea is that it calls attention to the fact that borrowing to create the currency of the US is a scheme to enrich banksters. We do not need usury/interest to run the greatest nation the world has ever seen (the one to come).

Usury is an obstacle — always has been!

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