Christianity v. Homosexuality: European Court of Human Rights Wrong


Christianity v. Homosexuality: European Court of Human Rights WrongTraditionalist Christians claim their rights to freedom of religious conscience have been steadily subordinated to the rights - especially of homosexual people - to equality.

via BBC News - Analysis: Milestone left in Christian-secular debate.

Consider that in the US, there now seems to be a growing consensus that psychological screening is perhaps the best way to avoid mass shootings/murders. I happen to believe that the hardness of individuals, families, and society in general, through the culture, is the culprit. Prevention by a general softening, a huge reduction in selfishness, self-centeredness, narcissism, and the like, is the proper approach. As far as I'm concerned, the exact same thing applies regarding homosexuality.

Homosexuality is confusion/disorder. It's the result of abuse, hardening, neglect, misdirection, etc. The factors vary by degree from individual to individual, but in no case is homosexuality healthy for either any individual or the whole of humanity.

Therefore, why is such a large swathe of humanity hellbent upon increasing the disordering of individuals, families, and society? Well, hardening makes people morally blind. They suffer from a lack of sufficient vision to make the connections or where they do make them, they suffer from an inability to be honest and consistent regarding them. They rather insist upon allowing the disorder to have its way with them and with society, which causes increased moral decay.

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