Oppose AGW coal-export terminal, Cherry Point, WA

My submission to EIS Comments, State of Washington Department of Ecology, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Whatcom County Council:

Submit yours. Feel free to copy and paste mine and to alter it as you see fit against coal-burning insanity.


I strongly oppose the construction of any coal export terminal anywhere, including at Cherry Point, Washington and transporting any coal from anywhere, including from Montana and Wyoming on trains, ships, or elsewise throughout the Northwest or anywhere else. This proposal would negatively affect all communities by increasing congestion and noise with more coal-train traffic, polluting our air and waterways, harming businesses, delaying emergency responders, damaging aquatic ecosystems and fishing grounds at terminal sites, increasing tanker traffic and the potential for serious shipping accidents and most importantly escalating anthropogenic global warming (AGW) caused by CO2 emissions.

There are currently five coal export proposals that would transport as much as 150 million tons through the Northwest. I urge the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct an area wide Environmental Impact Statement to assess the cumulative impact of these proposals.

I'm informed of the following: "48 million tons of coal could be exported overseas each year, if the industry builds a proposed "coal export terminal" on the coast of Washington State. This would be the same amount of carbon pollution that 32 brand new coal-fired power plants emit every year."

If the US is going to export coal for others to burn, why not just build the coal-fired plants right here? It's all the same air. It's all the same atmosphere, which will heat up more and more and more via more and more and more CO2 from humans burning coal. Why are we as a nation even considering further enriching those behind the coal industry at the direct, negative expense of every other human being not only in America but the whole world? Why are we even considering a short-term gain in dollars for the very few who put themselves first and foremost over the rest when doing so will even come back to haunt those few, short-sighted, greedy ones?

We all know there is no such thing as "clean coal." We also know that environmental protection against increased CO2 is even less stringent in countries where American coal would end up being burned. We already see (visually) the air pollution from China's choking cities landing on the West coast of the US harming our quality of life there. CO2 is no different. In fact, it disperses even more -- blanketing the globe with geometrically negative impacts.

If we didn't like Superstorm Sandy, we will surely not like the storms that will definitely make Sandy look mild by comparison if we keep up this insane carbon-burning.

Thank you. May God give you the wisdom to do the right thing, which is to disallow the coal-industries plans to increase AGW.

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