Drone Strikes Are Unlawful

This is putting it mildly:

Should drone strikes be considered lawful? | Asia | DW.DE | 18.01.2013Those opposed to drones, however, compare targeted killing to extrajudicial and state-sanctioned murder. They challenge the notion that targeted killing takes place in the context of war; the US and Pakistan, for example, are not at war with each other.

That is a crucial point in international law. In the case of war, the victims are combatants, the killing of whom can be justified under laws of war.

But if aggressors and victims are not at war, targeted killing is, technically speaking, illegal.

via Should drone strikes be considered lawful? | Asia | DW.DE | 18.01.2013.

That, of course, means, as I've been saying, Barack Obama is a war criminal. Everyone around him who is going along with the illegality is also a war criminal. As a result, none of them should be in any position in government. Also of course, the US Congress is pathetically immoral and inept and won't stand up to do the right things to save their souls.

God bless America.

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