Will the GOP go gay?

My comment on the following article: Will the GOP go gay?: 'Not anytime soon' says former presidential contender Gary Bauer | LifeSiteNews.comWill the GOP go gay?

You aren't going to win about marriage if you cave on homosex. The APA was wrong to remove homosexuality from its DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). It was a political change, not a scientifically backed change. Who didn't know at the time that a man wanting to sodomize other males was mentally ill? Everyone knew it. Honest people still know it's mentally ill. How could it not be? It's self-evident.

Also, the best research and studies on the subject still show that homosexuality is fraught with problems (many symptoms both physical and mental, not that mental problems aren't manifested in the brain materially) that are inherent to homosexuality and are not caused by others not accepting homosexuality.

Don't let the homosexuals change the subject. Heterosexuals have problems, but they remain just that: problems. Homosexual activists try to make out that because a number of heterosexuals have problems that therefore homosexuality is equally valid with heterosexuality. It's ridiculous on its face.

Furthermore, the Republicans and others have not stood up enough against California SB 1172 that has been blocked by the federal appeals court but that sought to make it illegal for a child who was homosexually abused and even rape to get help overcoming the resultant homosexual imprinting/conditioning, the unwanted same-sex attraction. Homosexual activists couldn't have cared less about those homosexually abused and rape children. That case is not over yet.

What needs to happen is that people start calling for returning to the truth that homosexuality is disordered and not healthy but rather harmful. The stats show it. The youth haven't heard the facts. The truth has been and still is being censored so that the youth will remain duped.

Homosexuals have been vastly more often sexually abused as children. It's causal, and the young people need to start hearing it. The Pope should say it right out. Every member of the clergy in every denomination should say it. Politicians should say it. Everyone who loves the truth should say it and say it and say it. Giving up is caving into evil, caving into Hell on Earth.

Stand up. Speak out. Don't be cowed by the false-propagandist homosexual activists who've pushed their depraved message into the mainstream and especially into the schools where they manipulated the naive and gullible children into falsely believing that males sodomizing each other is something to celebrate rather than something that rightly should be seen as the utterly disgusting behavior that it is. http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2013/01/15/narths-stance-answersolution-homosexuality.html


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