Part 2: On: Why Do 'Pro-Life' Pols Like Paul Ryan Protect Weapons of Mass Murder?

The following is my second comment on this linked article, Why Do 'Pro-Life' Pols Like Paul Ryan Protect Weapons of Mass Murder? by John Nichols. The Nation:

Part 2: On: Why Do 'Pro-Life' Pols Like Paul Ryan Protect Weapons of Mass Murder?

Paul Ryan


If your critique were correct, then there would be few to no supporters of the 2nd amendment not the ideological descendants of White slavers. Of course, there are many supporters of the 2nd who are not that. In fact, if you will pay as much attention to what the gun-libertarians are saying as you do the anti-gun activists, you will find that they believe slavery was wrong and that it was wrong that the blacks didn't enjoy the 2nd right along with the Whites. The 2nd existed before the Civil War. You write as if it wasn't there in the 1850's or before and had no reason for being after the British were defeated. You don't think there are supporters of the 2nd who are descended from those who were indentured servants, a euphemism for debt-slaves, in the "good" Northern states? Please. Slavery was not confined to the Southern states of the US. It was once legal in England. There were slaves in New England as well. Do we discount all arguments against real tyranny just because some people's ancestors, whether blood or ideological, may have included slave owners? I don't think so. Your argumentation is specious.

You are also failing to highlight the fact that the Congress was illegal under British rule. The whole revolution was illegal in their eyes. The British confiscated huge quantities of gun powder right before the "shot heard around the world" was fired at Lexington. Furthermore, the French are irrelevant to the issue of the 2nd amendment. Whether they had helped or not, had the Americans prevailed, the 2nd would still have likely been written into the Constitution, where it now sits guaranteeing the right of the citizenry to keep and to bear arms for the very reason that regardless of the Civil War, tyranny can rear its ugly head much faster and much more easily with an unarmed citizenry. The gun-libertarians do have a point concerning that. To dismiss it as merely coming from a bunch of closet or otherwise racists is worse than weak. It is defaming many anti-racists, even Blacks and other non-Whites who stand for the 2nd as a bulwark against tyranny, which can happen here (already has in my view).

Just read another of the recent posts on The Nation: Does any of that look like at least creeping tyranny to you? It sure does to me and not so creeping really but rather rapid and extremely stealthy at least where the sleepwalkers are concerned. Are you someone with his eyes closed about the huge unconstitutional abuses of the Obama administration? The man's a war criminal and has violated the US Constitution left and right since day one. He let the Bush-43 administration walk – not even one investigation – just look forward. That's tyranny! He should be impeached and removed from office for sure, but people writing as you have here turn the minds of others away from reality and toward greater and greater acceptance of fundamental errors where our civil rights and liberties are concerned.

You put tyranny in quotation marks concerning Lincoln's administration, yet he did do tyrannical things in the name of empire (albeit still somewhat budding). There are many things I like about Abraham Lincoln, but to pretend that he didn't step on the Constitution regardless of the slave issue is disconnected thinking. He didn't fight to free the slaves. He fought for federation against confederation. He would happily have sent all the Blacks to Africa if that would have solved the issue. He did not believe in the equality of the races. Many, most, the vast majority of, gun-libertarians do believe in equal rights for Blacks and all other non-Whites – all people. Take a poll.

It seems to me that you are looking at Lincoln and the current and all future Presidents through rose-colored glasses and spreading false propaganda.

The proper way to address violence whether the weapons are guns or any other weapons, and there are numerous types of weapons, is via spreading non-violence. That's not happening via Obama's illegal kill lists and illegal predator drones firing Hellfire (apt name that) missiles murdering hundreds (that's hundreds and that's murder!) of completely innocent children in nations where we don't even have a "legally" declared war. Tyrannical? You bet it is, and no amount of "democracy" where all anti-war candidates are restricted by the two major parties from getting into the debates and on the ballots, etc., and where the mainstream tyrannical corporatist media is behind only those two parties will make the pig's ear Obama administration a silk-purse legitimate republican form of government. He's an outlaw, and you're defending him here on a rather radical site by Republican standards and even Democratic ones. Your view is far, far, far from Progressive. It excuses the reactionaries. It protects the protectors of the Wall Street banksters. It's far from truly liberal.

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