British Lib Dem MP David Ward Shouldn't Have Apologized!

Oh brother, the Zionists over in Britain got all up in arms because someone over there had the audacity to actually speak the truth about the Nakba.

Here's the comment I attempted to leave on the linked site, but they wanted me to trim it. I don't feel like trimming it:

When asked "if he accepted that he was accusing Jews, rather than the Israeli state, of inflicting persecution on the Palestinians," David Ward said, "I'm accusing the Jews who did it, so if you're a Jew and you did not do it I'm not accusing you. I'm saying that those Jews who did that and continue to do it have not learned those lessons. If you are a Jew and you do not do those things and have never done those things then I am of course not criticising you." What part of that is wrong?

In my view, he said exactly the right things before offering any apology, which he should never have offered because he did nothing wrong. He had initially sounded like someone who finally was showing some backbone. I'm disappointed that he caved in even slightly. No one proved him wrong.

All that happened was that he was browbeaten by people who hypocritically speak and act as if all Zionists are somehow more valuable, more "equal," than all Palestinian Arabs. If they don't feel that way, let them apologize!

It's a real shame that political correctness trumps truth and facts these days.

I'm very thankful for the hundreds of thousands of brave Jews here in the US who are beginning to grow very tired of the way certain of the Zionists in Israel and elsewhere have been, and continue to, treat the Palestinians.

Just in case you can't tell by that last statement, there's not a racist or ethnically bigoted bone in my body. Don't go pretending that I've said anything anti-Jew here. I'd say anti-Semitic except that the Arabs too are Semites.

That's putting it very mildly. If you are going to cave in and apologize to the land-thieving, ethnic-cleansing, war-criminal Zionists, don't say anything in the first place!

See this:

The message of "The Gatekeepers," formed from the collective wisdom of the six living former Shin Bet leaders, is this: The occupation is immoral and, perhaps more important, ineffective. Israel should withdraw from the West Bank as it did from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

You can read the one-sided Zionist bullying here: Lib Dem MP FINALLY apologies for 'unintended offence' after suggesting 'the Jews' had not learned the lessons of the Holocaust | Mail Online.

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