MMT Movie: Economics for Dummiez - YouTube

Okay, this is not a Christian video. It is, however, correct; but, it leaves out one hugely critical fact. See below after watching the video.

MMT Movie: Economics for Dummiez - YouTube.

Okay, hopefully you watched the video. What did it leave out that is so important?

We don't have to borrow a dime to do everything the video talked about. We don't need the Fed to create reserves so anyone can buy bonds or anything else. We, the people of the United States of America, by virtue of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States and through our political servants, who are legally supposed to be serving us at our voting pleasure, can create all the currency we want and need for whatever we want and need. It's the truth. We can do that without causing any price inflation or deflation too!

All we need to do is issue Greenbacks (United States Notes or United States Money), not Federal Reserve Notes (which is what we have today). The supply of money simply needs in real time via computer to be matched exactly to the real economy, not finance capitalism but real productivity, what used to be called industrial capitalism.

Price inflation is more money chasing goods above an increase or decrease in the quantity of those goods (or services). Real-productivity gains represent a real increase in goods and services we want and need. Balance the quantity of money actually circulating (flowing) in the real economy with those goods and services, and there is no inflation or deflation — simple!

It also means no interest on debt. It can also mean paying off the National Debt completely and forever. It can mean no taxes and no poverty.

Who would decide what gets made and what services are performed? Who decides now? Right now, it is mostly the elite, the plutocrats. It would become everybody simply voting in a real democracy where we would all know the financial details of the government — no secrets. We would vote, and we would do the work.

We're already doing the work if we can find and keep a job.

Unemployment would be completely done away with. It would be grassroots democracy on a national scale that would end up becoming global completely replacing the evil New World Order with a righteous New World Order. Now that's Christian prophecy.

It would finally lead to a moneyless world without human-caused scarcity or austerity. Praise God!

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