John Kerry Stupidly Says It's Up to Iran to End the Nuclear Dispute

Kerry is backwards!

John Kerry Stupidly Says It's Up to Iran to End the Nuclear Dispute

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Kerry said yesterday that while "we are prepared to let diplomacy be the victor in this confrontation," it is Iran that has "to prove to the world that it is peaceful" by meeting the UN's requirements to scale back its program.

via Kerry Says Up to Iran to End Nuclear Dispute Peacefully - Bloomberg.

Don't you just hate it when people turn the burden of proof on its head and demand that others prove that they aren't doing something when no amount of proof will ever be accepted short of stopping something else?

Iran has the legal right under international law to enrich uranium for energy and medical reasons/needs as Iran sees fit. If the US or anyone else has proof that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program, then step forward with it or shut up!

Tell John Kerry and Barack Obama to put up or shut up!

Show the proof of what you are claiming against Iran, John and Barack, or back off and stop applying illegal sanctions against Iran. Stop the saber rattling, you war-mongering baby killers. That's right. Barack Obama's drone strikes have murdered innocent babies!

We don't need another God-damned US war, such as the one waged against Iraq for WMD and 9/11 involvement when it proved out that Iraq didn't have any WMD and we knew, even before the invasion of Iraq, that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11!

Kerry's idiotic commentary against Iran is no better than that spoken by the utter morons of the George W. Bush administration who deliberately took the US into two totally senseless wars: Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also, the current sanctions against Iran are completely illegal. They constitute war, economic war. Iran would be within its rights to violently attack the US. That's a fact under international law. They have the right under international law to self-defense, and they would be defending themselves against a blatantly illegal, Zionist-backed, economic blockade/siege designed to cause harm to the Iranian people until those people bow down to the elitists in the US and Israel demanding that Iran not rise as an independent nation-state.

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