Gross Ignorance! Fox News Poll: Voters Back Spending Cuts

Let's not defer to a grossly under-informed public on this matter:

Gross Ignorance! Fox News Poll: Voters Back Spending Cuts

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By massive margins, voters say they would rather see the government cut spending than increase it as a way to boost the nation's economy, according to a Fox News poll that showed, in hindsight, voters largely saying the 2009 stimulus did not work.

via Fox News Poll: Voters back spending cuts to boost economy by huge margins | Fox News.

The general voting public of the United States knows less about macroeconomics than they do about quantum mechanics.

When the global economy is still de-leveraging from huge private-sector debt, just about the dumbest thing governments can do is cut public spending (the only thing holding up the economy from crashing again and deeper than before). See: Steve Keen Right, Not Alone: No Austerity.

The reason the stimulus spending didn't wow the people is because it was way too little and what was pumped out went to the wrong places and entities. All it managed to do is keep things from becoming much, much worse. The promise that such a tiny bit of stimulus would reemploy many more than it did was simply a stupid claim by economic ignoramuses (visionless, self-centered, bankster-oriented) in then high places within the Obama administration.

Had the stimulus been about ten times it's size and gone 100% to the real economy rather than to the financial sector (fraudulent banksters who only used the funding to further enrich themselves), the Great Recession would have turned out to be a blessing. It would have ended immediately and would have resulted in a huge boost to everyone living on the edge and below and would have increased the standard of living and quality of life for very nearly every person, if not every person, in the United States.

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