Not the Solution: Currency War, Starving Labor, Robotics

The issue is the international currency war and developed nations trying to export to grow market share with ever smaller profit margins, starving labor and turning to robotics as temporary selfish reactions.

The beginning of the real solution: A one-world, interest- debt- and tax-free currency pegged exactly to the real global economy, not the banksters' economy, so there would be 1) no shortage of funding for any directly democratically chosen project of a fully informed citizenry and 2) no inflation or deflation.

In the United States, it could start immediately via converting all Federal Reserve Notes into United States Notes, paying off the national debt, and guaranteeing no holes in the safety net.

If done correctly, which would be easy, it would do away with: debt (public and private); all taxes; poverty; austerity; artificial scarcity; etc.

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