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Here is my commentary on this false liberal article by Joel Connelly:

On: "Job opening: A Pope who engages -- not condemns -- the world" - seattlepi.com"'He [Pope Benedict XVI] characterized homosexuality as 'an objective disorder and an intrinsic moral evil.'" He's right. Any Pope who comes along disagreeing with him on that will utterly destroy the Roman Catholic Church {if there is anything left of it (or the family) after the homosexual activists get through taking over the various secular governments and trying to eliminate Christianity entirely, even going so far as to claim Jesus was a homosexual}.

Please note that this article refers to pedophilia within the church and that the church covered it up while ignoring the fact that all those priests who molested all those boys were homosexuals.

Please don't point out that not all homosexuals are pedophiles and that not all pedophiles are homosexuals. We already know it.

The point is that there is a causal connection between homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia and heterosexual-child homosexual molestation. The statistical significance screams it out. The abused very often become abusers. Abuse very often hardens the heart into great confusion and selfishness.

Caving into any temptation of homosexual sex is absolutely no answer. Overcoming is.

Homosexuality is not immutable. Sexual orientation is fluid. Change from homosexual behavior and desire is possible. Many people have done it and been very glad of it.

via Job opening: A Pope who engages -- not condemns -- the world - seattlepi.com.

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