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Could it be that censored this discussion thread? It appears that rather then simply deleting and/or blocking the last commentator, perhaps took the opportunity as a cover to also censor my comments and the many other comments that were opposed to homosexuality for the obvious state of utter confusion that it is.

The Facebook comments are not showing under the article even though the Facebook plugin is still showing comments on other articles on, including by false liberal Joel Connelly.

Censorship of opposing views no matter how fact-based those views are is the typical method of the homosexual activists.

If I had been unwilling or unable to discuss the issues on the merits and had engaged in irrational and illogical comments, such as the one by "Mikey" above, then censorship might be appropriate. Otherwise, it is simply cowardice. I was not being unreasonable at all.

Here is the thread I started and that is no longer visible under that article:

"'He [Pope Benedict XVI] characterized homosexuality as 'an objective disorder and an intrinsic moral evil.'" He's right. Any Pope who comes along disagreeing with him on that will utterly destroy the Roman Catholic Church {if there is anything left of it (or the family) after the homosexual activists get through taking over the various secular governments and trying to eliminate Christianity entirely, even going so far as to claim Jesus was a homosexual}.

Please note that this article refers to pedophilia within the church and that the church covered it up while ignoring the fact that all those priests who molested all those boys were homosexuals.

Please don't point out that not all homosexuals are pedophiles and that not all pedophiles are homosexuals. We already know it.

The point is that there is a causal connection between homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia and heterosexual-child homosexual molestation. The statistical significance screams it out. The abused very often become abusers. Abuse very often hardens the heart into great confusion and selfishness.

Caving into any temptation of homosexual sex is absolutely no answer. Overcoming is.

Homosexuality is not immutable. Sexual orientation is fluid. Change from homosexual behavior and desire is possible. Many people have done it and been very glad of it.

Donn F Christianson

*Within your Church*

*Within your Church*

Your church, your rules, your hell...

They don't apply to the rest of us. Never will.
Tuesday at 11:38am

Lorrine Thompson

Ah, another holier-than-thou judgmental Catholic obsessed with sexual relations and the politics of power (over other people's lives) rather than helping the down trodden and loving his fellow man/woman. Thanks Mr. Usher -- You're exactly why I thank the goddess every damned day that my mother had the intelligence to leave the Catholic Church and not pass on their self-serving crap to me and my siblings.
Tuesday at 1:10pm

Corbin Powell

>Calls homosexuality "evil"
> Protects pedophiles from prosecution

Oh you immoral Cathylicks!
Tuesday at 2:57pm

Tom Usher

Try not to miss the point. Try not to jump to false conclusions.

I'm not a Roman Catholic (never have been), and I haven't protected any pedophiles or condoned how the Roman Catholic Church handled its problem of homosexual-pedophile clergy. I am not a theological apologist for that church.

Obviously, those clergy members should have been placed where they could not be around children and where they could be given help with their sexual confusion. The children and their families should have been helped too.

More importantly, that church should have been strict all along. Moral laxness, wrong thinking, allowed homosexual-pedophiles to run rampant.

If you think that more laxness in the general society, which is what we are undergoing now, is going to be fine, you're dreaming.

We are on a slippery slope as a society, and those responsible will rue the day whether you like it or not, whether you believe in God and Jesus or not.
Tuesday at 7:44pm

Tom Usher

Lorrine Thompson,

All Christians are called to lead holy lives. Only the finally perfected can do that. You speak as if it is an evil thing to strive to holiness.

I haven't claimed perfection. I haven't claimed to have lived a sinless life. What do you know about my heart and mind?

You are presumptuous about me.

Judgmental is a perfect word for hypocrites. Are you opposed to all judgments? Do you advocate allowing every criminal to walk free? I seek their conversion, repentance, healing, and the freedom that truth brings. I am a strong advocate of rehabilitation. What do you seek?

You say I'm obsessed with sexual relations and the politics of power over others. What I am most concerned with is the homosexual activists attempting to pass laws such as California SB 1172 that uses the power of the state to make it against the law for a heterosexual boy (who is homosexually molested and as a direct result of the physical and psychological conditioning, suffers from unwanted same-sex attraction) to obtain authentic Reparative Therapy from a licensed mental-healthcare practitioner in California.

You also presume to know that I don't help the downtrodden or love fellow men and women. If I don't love the children, then why do I care that the homosexual activists want to leave them suffering with the result of homosexual sexual-conditioning from homosexual molestation, even repeated rape?

I should think you'd rather view those homosexual activists as the selfish ones. They certainly are the ones who want to censor the truth. I don't.

May God bless you.
Tuesday at 8:14pm

Mikey Mistersunsetboulevard

fix your church you bigot. you bible thumpers are going extinct! BUH BYE. Your fake religion has been exposed for the EVIL it is. May society continuing rejecting the religion forced on it by heterosexuals like u
4 hours ago

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