How to Fix the Economy

A major problem with the Republican Party (and much of the Democratic Party) is that the vast majority of its members actually believe that the macro US economy has a budget like a typical American household that cannot create its own money.

I have been hammering and hammering away that if the money supply were pegged exactly to real productivity, then there would be zero inflation or deflation and no shortage of funds for real growth. I am amazed at the eyes that glaze over. It's as if everyone is in a trance.

Please note that real productivity does not include usury. Therefore, bank lending at interest ruins the system and should not exist.

We could pay off the National Debt via Constitutional money in the form of debt- and interest-free United States Money or United States Notes. See the US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8. We could do it instantly. We could completely eliminate poverty and do it within a matter of weeks, not even months.

We could completely "de-politicize" money creation by swapping out the monetary authority (Federal Reserve) with an opensource developed and managed computer software and hardware system.

The decisions for public-enterprise development and funding would be directly democratized so that the local citizenry would own and operate their employee/community-owned projects. That same thing can scale up to any level we would want.

Existing businesses would still factor into the money-supply calculations so they could keep right on competing. However, when businesses fail, its employees would not be dropped into some tentative safety net but would be absorbed into other businesses or public projects for full employment. Those who cannot work would be taken care of, no exceptions.

Best practices at local levels would be openly shared via the network.

The above is based upon comments I posted on my Facebook timeline.

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