EU Slams Israel, Calls For Sanctions

EU Slams Israel, Calls For SanctionsSeven of the report's 10 recommendations propose slapping tough economic sanctions on organizations directly involved in construction projects in the Jewish settlements, Israeli daily Haaretz reported. The report also called on the EU's 27 member-states to "prevent, discourage and raise awareness" about doing business with companies that work in the disputed settlement zones.

It advised EU states to work to ensure that products exported from the settlements not receive an unfair advantage through "preferential tariffs," and to give consumers an opportunity to make an "informed choice" through clear labeling of products' origins.

The report advocated "closer supervision" of technological research and development programs between the EU and Israel. The measures would work to ensure that "no research grants, scholarships or other technological investments assist settlements, either directly or indirectly," or be provided to agencies working in the settlements.


The annual report, compiled by EU consuls in Jerusalem and Ramallah, does not require member-states to implement the measures.... [weak]

via EU report slams Israeli settlements, calls for economic sanctions — RT News.

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