India: General Strike Against Inhumanity

I'm not a large-C Communist, not a Marxist; but even still, the treatment of workers around the world is appallingly inhuman. The rich elitists have dead hearts. They must be overcome.

Working-class anger and outrage in the NCR region, contrary to the media construction, is reasoned and with basis. And the main basis for this anger is the blatant strangulation of industrial democracy, denial of rights to organise and unionise and the open violation of labour laws, including minimum wage and contract work laws. Noida's slum clusters where the workers live are in stark contrast to the massive gated communities that are enclaves for the rich, carved out of what until recently was fertile farmland.

The industrialists, government, and mainstream media, rant righteously about the trade unions that "break the peace". Maintaining exploitative work conditions by denying the right to unionise and encouraging the open violations of labour laws, criminalising Noida's entire working class and trade union leadership and jailing them on blatantly fake charges, and deploying paramilitary forces in the industrial areas are not acts of "peace'. These are declarations of a virtual war on the working class. The Uttar Pradesh government and the central government are both equally answerable for this war on the workers – happening so close to New Delhi, India's seat of power.

via India: Two-day general strike shakes country; crackdown on working class follows | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal.

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